4 Fall Inspired Eco-Friendly Art Projects for Green Kids

By Jennie Lyon

I love fall – it is my favorite season. I love the colors, textures, and find myself crafting with Eben more during the autumn season. With that being said, the artwork really piles up around here. Many pieces get photographed and recycled, however there are pieces that we love so much we want to keep and display.

We currently use large picture frame shelves to display our masterpieces. Eben has one above his bed that holds all of his self portraits, leaf prints and alphabet leaf animals. In the future, I would love to have a security picture hangers system running from floor to ceiling in our long hallway, making it quick and easy to switch artwork out.

Until that happens, we will continue to display art all over our home. Here are 4 fall inspired art projects that we have been working on this autumn to get you inspired:

1. Baker’s Twine Apple
Whenever I work with baker’s twine, it seems like I am left with a few scraps that I keep for craft projects. I recently came across an amazing baker’s twine apple project that would be perfect for those leftovers. I adore it!

+ Baker’s Twine Art
+ Domestically Speaking

2. Button Art
If you have a large button collection – this is the project for you! I love the different colors and sizes – I think it would be fun to do a set of four, one for each season, arranged on a wall together. This would be a perfect project for children of all ages too!

+ Button Art
+ Diane Payne

3. Leaf Prints
Eben loved this project because it incorporated a nature walk and pigment paints. This is a project that we tend to make over and over again each fall. It’s easy, a fun way to get our hands dirty and the perfect excuse for working together after school.

+ Leaf Prints

4. Alphabet Leaf Animals
Again, this is the perfect fall project for kids! It gets their creative juices flowing as they arrange the leaves into different animal shapes. I have to admit, Eben is much better at this than me – he is fantastic as seeing things that I never would. Are your kids like this?

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Source: My Sweet Greens