Have a Lovely Weekend + A Few Green Things

By Jennie Lyon // Sweet Greens

Hello, Friends! How was your week? Mine has been less than stellar. I started the week off right, first thing Monday morning I worked out. After my workout, a weird, dull pain that I had been experiencing in my upper, left abdomen turned into a throbbing pain. My stomach (and back) has been bothering me, I had chalked it up to falling on my back a couple of weeks ago. My back had been feeling better and I thought I was ready to workout again.

I immediately went to my doctor and she said that I may have ruptured my spleen and ordered a CT scan. Thankfully, the CT scan showed a healthy spleen and all of my other lower organs were fine. The results did show a moderate amount of free fluid and a ruptured ovarian cyst. However, the pain is much higher in my abdomen and has now moved into my back – so I am going to see a specialist next week. Just to be safe.

This weekend, I plan to lay low, maybe spend the weekend lounging at the beach. It doesn’t get much more relaxing than that. Tonight, I think we will stay home and watch a movie. While I try to pick a one that will entertain me, the mister and a 12 year old, here are a few green links to take you into the weekend.

– If you like bats (I do!), you will love this!
– Great, eco-friendly family companies in the USA. Yay!
– These zucchini pancakes are calling my name. Perfect for brunch this weekend.
– 6 Amazing, repurposed swimming pools – the dumpster pools are always my favorite.
– I am making a green, vegan milkshake this weekend. Indeed!
– Here are some summer superfoods to add to the menu.
– Be still my heart – tomato bruschetta! This would be amazing with fresh, organic tomatoes!

I hope you have a sunny weekend, see you back here on Monday!

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